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Weed & Wine

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Continents apart from one another, two farming families aim to reinvent themselves on their land. One family—a strong-willed French matriarch and the son she raised among her vines—tends a centuries-old, biodynamic vineyard in the South­ern Rhône. Across the ocean in Humboldt, California, another family—a brash father and his more reserved son—carefully manage a state-recognized, organic cannabis farm. The feature documen­tary WEED & WINE interweaves their stories, urging compar­isons and teasing out contradictions between France’s revered winemaking traditions and the artisan culture emerging along­side the legal cannabis industry. AVAILABLE NOW:

Like craft farmers, independent filmmakers have lots of challenges in securing our livelihoods. Our film is available to stream from a number of platforms, but we maximize our revenue when you rent or purchase on Vimeo, as opposed to corporations like Apple or Amazon, which take a large cut of your money. That said, we’re grateful for your attention wherever you wind up watching the film, and you can also view the film on the platforms below. COMING SOON 2024!

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